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Manuland joins the Hyundai network

Manuland joins the HD Hyundai XiteSolution Material Handling dealer network as a new forklift dealer. A subsidiary of the Dubreuil Group since 2016, Manuland is adding an activity to reinforce those in agriculture and construction. Today, the company has just over 70 employees and sales of €40 million. "We've doubled our sales in the last 4 years," boasts Simon Grardel, the subsidiary's managing director.
"The marketing of the HD Hyundai XiteSolution Material Handling brand a few months ago is a real development opportunity for Manuland," explains the director of the Dubreuil group subsidiary. "We specialize in materials handling, mainly in the agricultural and public works sectors, and we want to bring our expertise to bear with a new brand, in this case Hyundai. With the other brand we represent, we didn't have any industrial or warehouse forklifts, so the idea was to offer our customers a wider choice of machines and equipment, as they very often use forklifts. And from now on, we'll be able to meet their needs with Hyundai, just like Veolia, one of our customers", continues Simon Grardel.
With 5 branches, Manuland is present in 7 départements in the Hauts-de-France and Île-de-France regions. 

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