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Kiloutou launches its equipment-sharing application 

With YOUSE, the Kiloutou group offers its customers a digital equipment management solution that facilitates the sharing of equipment on the same site. This application was developed in response to a two-fold observation: the use on a single site of similar machines rented from different rental companies by multiple participants, and the fact that equipment present on a site is often used by subcontractors with or without authorization (making it difficult to establish responsibility in the event of breakage or even damage to property or people). YOUSE was therefore created by Kiloutou to organize responsibility between each party to guarantee safe and optimized use of shared equipment. The customer can plan this use between his internal staff and his service providers. This new application, initially available on Kiloutou machines equipped with telematic boxes, has been tested (and adapted) by the rental company since the beginning of the year with its customers. Earthmoving and lifting equipment (mini-excavators, loaders, telescopic boom lifts, etc.) were the first to benefit. YOUSE can be extended to other equipment on request, simply by installing a telematics box. 

Via an Internet platform, customers have access to the entire rental fleet, and can add service providers with whom they wish to share the equipment, and manage their access to the machines. On a day-to-day basis, an application on the smartphone enables easy reservation and use of the equipment. It includes a diary function, and enables shared equipment to be monitored, with personalized tracking of its use. 

"I had the opportunity to test YOUSE for 3 months. The application is easy to use and very useful, all the more so if it's set up right from the start of the worksite. It makes it possible to organize equipment shifts in a very pragmatic way: tracking usage enables clearer management of the fleet in use, as well as a precise breakdown of hours worked. On the other hand, the fear of finding a damaged machine can slow down the loan of equipment between service providers. With YOUSE, we can trace machine use and know who is responsible, which is very reassuring," says Rémy Barbeau, Eiffage Works Director. 

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