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Maxicargo adapts an Iveco Daily for Martragny

Based in Normandy, Martragny specializes in roadworks, asphalt, pipework, concrete and fire protection. It has opted for a 3.5-t Daily fitted with an ultra-compact trailer custom-designed by Maxicargo, enabling it to gain in agility, while retaining the payload required to transport a 1.9-t roller compactor destined for the region's asphalt worksites. The new Daily replaces its previous 7.5-tonne truck.
"Our asphalt team has only one driver with a HGV license. When he was absent, no one could drive our old 7.5 t vehicle, which immobilized the team and delayed worksites. With our 3.5 t Daily, we have gained in flexibility in our organization", explains Robin Martragny, Managing Director of Martragny, "Moreover, with its length of only 8 m, i.e. half that of our old vehicle, this Daily Maxichargeur is very easy to maneuver, while retaining the payload we need to transport our compactor roller of almost 2 t".
The vehicle is an Iveco Daily with a 3-liter, 180 hp engine, equipped with Quad Tor front suspension for high ground clearance. The Daily is appreciated for its robustness and ease of bodybuilding, as well as for its "short" turning radius, which favors maneuverability.

The versatile Maxichargeur trailer was custom-designed by Maxicargo's engineering department. It measures 3,450 mm in length, with a limited slope and adjustable aluminum ramps adapted to roller loading. Its payload of 2,120 kg can carry the roller, as well as two vibratory plates. Retractable safety supports for loading and unloading prevent the trailer from swinging. The rear corners have also been narrowed for safer city driving and site maneuvers.

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