Sarens installs a 290-ton bridge

Sarens installs a 290-ton bridge

Sarens installed a 290-ton, 35-m bridge at Autreville-sur-Moselle (54). A sophisticated operation, carried out in less than 6 hours

For several years now, the Sarens Group has been involved in a number of complex bridge and engineering structure installation projects. In Autreville-sur-Moselle (54), Baudin-Chateauneuf asked Sarens to install Chevètre's P1 bridge, a massive structure weighing 290 tonnes and over 35 metres long. 

The assembly process was complicated by the topography of the terrain and the short time available for installation, only six hours due to the canal closure.

Sarens, with its modular barges, offers solutions designed for bridge installation, lifting operations from the water, and transport on inland waterways and at sea. The group also offers various ballasting systems, connecting bridges of different lengths and a wide range of complementary structures and equipment. 


In the case of this work, a barge with a load capacity of over 300 tonnes was used to move the entire bridge and place it between the P1 piers, aided by BE200 ballast pumps and hydraulic winches. For ground movements, Sarens used its SPMTs, configured in 2X6 lines.  

Assembling the bridge required precise planning and execution, given the limited six-hour intervention time due to the canal closure. Transport and loading by SPMT, as well as installation with barge and winches, posed real challenges due to the confined space. The crane had to avoid high-voltage power cables. 

Now in place, the bridge should improve mobility and road safety in the region, reducing traffic jams and accidents, while facilitating freight transport and promoting regional development.