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Tower cranes: the 2023 Trophies awarded

The 2023 Tower Crane Trophies were awarded by DLR and its Professional Commission for Tower Crane Trades and Equipment (CPMDG), during an evening organized at the Museums of Fairground Arts. Francis Jardet, president of the jury, presented these prizes to the winners of the four categories distinguished during this 5th edition of the Tower Crane Trophies. Important for the profession, it is thus a question of promoting people and their know-how, and more generally tower crane companies. 

GMA Rig of the Year: Cimeo Construction

Cimeo Construction has carried out the assembly of an Igo 130 on a site to rehabilitate premises in Vannes (56). The impossibility of placing the crane on the neighbouring street meant that it had to be installed over a stream: the fitters were thus forced to place the crane on sill-girders. Specific equipment has also been implemented, such as the rental of a cabin for better safety, the installation of a camera on the building for direct vision and the installation of an interference system. 

GME Montage of the Year: Sogemon

Sogemon was awarded for its operation on the erection of a GME Potain MDT389 crane between the railway tracks of the Pont Cardinet station in Paris. The teams were able to implement this crane with constraints related to the assembly schedules (at night, over a very short time slot), the installation in a location close to the tracks. In addition, the diversity of the actors involved in the operation as well as the very restricted framework for the transport of the crane in Paris made the operation very complex and required real expertise on the part of the assemblers present on the building site. "These are all administrative constraints and engineering studies that have been anticipated, thanks in particular to the perfect collaboration between SOGEMON and LOGA. The complexity of the work carried out for this installation in an urban area, in a railway area and in an artery particularly frequented by road traffic, is an example for the profession," noted the jury. 

Innovation of the Year: Potain

This year, the jury awarded Potain for its ProTECHtor device. This patented product allows the technician to control the movements normally initiated by the crane operator and thus avoid the danger induced by the lack of communication, coordination or latency of movement feedback during maintenance operations.  For the jury, this system places safety as a priority: "This system allows the technicians to control the movements of the crane and, in fact, limits the risks related to errors in communication and coordination with the crane operator or to the latency of movements. The principle and simplicity of the product are a plus, especially in the multilingual environment of the construction site. »

Project of the Year: FT Montage 

This year, it was the FT Montage teams who impressed the jury, for their mastery of the construction site of a 170-metre-high tower in the heart of La Part-Dieu in Lyon (69). This involved the installation of two Liebherr dispensing jib tower cranes, which were attached to the building with anchors that were moved as the construction progressed. These were a 420 EC-H 16 Litronic equipped with a 110 kW winch, a 65 m boom and a maximum height of 194 m under hook and a 250 EC-B 12 Litronic, equipped with a 65 kW winch, a 35 m boom and a maximum height of 100 m independently. "FT Montage's service for SOLUMAT / VINCI was up to the task of this large-scale project. The company has demonstrated technological mastery and remarkable professionalism in the organization of these assemblies and dismantlings. The team faced multiple constraints on this exceptional site: weather constraints; construction design constraints requiring combining and alternating between long and short anchors; the constraints of a terrain requiring the precise installation of the crane truck on a difficult site," said the jury, which also highlighted the close collaboration between Liebherr's design office and the FT Montage assembly teams.  The use of Liebherr Lideq to dismantle building anchors, an innovative technique, is a first in France.

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