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Faymonville celebrates the 20th anniversary of its Luxembourg plant

Founded in 2003, the Faymonville Group's Luxembourg production site has produced some 18,000 vehicles since then! Located in Lenzweiler, this plant, called FEL (Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg), has benefited from an investment of €100 million since its creation. Created to support the production of its historic Belgian site in Bullange, FEL I (Faymonville Engineering Luxembourg) is located on an area of 9000 m2. "At the time, the plant housed two separate production lines that made it possible to manufacture 150 "drawer" semi-trailers and 300 MultiMAX and TeleMAX trailers per year," says Alain Faymonville. In 2007, the production area was almost doubled to 17,000 m2. In 2008, the storage capacity was increased by 1500 m2 and the hall was further expanded by 2500 m2 the following year. In 2016 the new FEL II complex was built with production lines, the logistics center of the entire group, a distribution center and surface treatment facilities on 16,000 m2. This year, the FEL III administration building was completed. 

In 2 decades with a total investment of €100 million, the site has developed, been enlarged and now covers 40,000 m2. Some 18,000 units were produced there in 20 years, i.e. 165,000 tonnes of steel and the assembly of 67,000 axles. 

The Group regularly invests in new welding robots, milling machines, poststressing benches, lathes, presses or plasma and flame cutting systems. And it is continuing to invest in the future of the site: it has already planned to expand the delivery halls in 2024 and acquire new welding robots. 

Flexibility, productivity, quality and innovation are the four pillars of the Faymonville Group, all sites combined. As a family business, the Faymonville group retains this important dimension for the 450 people who work on the site today, production and administrative combined. It is therefore with more than 2000 people, staff and their families and friends, but also long-time companions that Faymonville celebrated the 20th anniversary of this now major site. 

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