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Manuloc develops an electricity storage solution 

94% of Manuloc's new equipment fleet runs on electricity! With this in mind, the specialist in the rental, sale and maintenance of handling equipment is now going to offer its customers electricity storage equipment. While it is almost impossible to store electricity on a national level, it is possible to do so on a small scale using dedicated equipment. Manuloc is already able to offer its customers storage equipment adapted to the 20,000 machines in its fleet. From January 2024, this equipment will be available for hire on the same terms as handling equipment, and Manuloc will be responsible for commissioning, maintenance and recycling.
Manuloc Energie's first application will therefore be to supply energy to moving equipment or equipment that is far from the power grid. Manuloc will be able to supply equipment for storing alternatively-generated electricity, such as that produced by photovoltaic panels, until it is consumed. The Group will be able to provide solutions for users who experience untimely or scheduled power cuts.
This storage equipment can also be used to supply electricity to industrial companies, to reduce their cost of use during peak consumption periods. Solutions that go beyond the materials handling sector: the Group will be able to make all types of storage equipment available to any professional who needs to store electricity or optimize energy produced off-grid. 

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